Diploma from the Taller de Músics de Barcelona, ​​and highly regarded as a plastic arts, is self-taught in painting, writing and photography.

This Barcelona poet and photographer began in 2009 under the pseudonym para4gatos, to communicate through photography, since then he continues in constant transformation working with objects, typography, digital collage, emoticons …

With an ironic tone, he invites the viewer to observation and reflection, to discover the hidden poetry within the most common objects, subjecting them to slight transformations and altering their function, their context and habitual uses.

He has held both individual and collective exhibitions in Barcelona, ​​Phoenix, Madrid, Toledo, Pamplona, ​​Bilbao, Seville …

The journalist Mayka Navarro thus defined his work:
“Every image of this virtual photographer in Barcelona is a puzzlement of the senses. Jordi Larroch is converting reality into committed messages that come to life and emotion. Everyday objects are transformed into animated information capsules that concentrate so much intensity that, Sometimes, it seems they are alive and will run at any time. Give a new meaning to our environment, this is achieved by this artist, who at night becomes a para4gatos. ”

Jordi Larroch