Pedagogue. Works in the care of children at social risk.

His contact with the visual poetry begins the year 2008. Since then he has exhibited individually in Barcelona, Sant Cugat, Rubí, Terrassa, Olot and Manlleu. Collectively in Terrassa within the revitalization of the project “Laboratori Creatiu”.

He has exhibited in Brazil in the first visual poetry exhibition in Mato Grosso do Sul and in the Basque Country within the framework of the “Juan Carlos Eguillor” visual poetry contest.

The visual work he presents is a starting point, which, playing with the poetic transformation of everyday objects, proposes a reflective, and sometimes critical, view of our daily life. It is a conceptual redefinition that can be placed on the border between photography, design, symbolism and poetic action.



Àlex Monfort