Carles Canals Masats

Self-taught, I started in the world of visual metaphor influenced by the work of Chema Madoz and Joan Brossa.

“All objects hide a false reality that only needs to be discovered”

This is the premise on which I base my artistic work and, my photographs, are the fruit of the investigation of this false reality. In 2012, I began to work on objects to transform their essence of being and became a project called “Falses realitats”.

“Falses realitats” arises from the need to explain the hidden realities of objects and that almost always go unnoticed. It is an exercise of imagination and ingenuity that aims to awaken the curiosity of the viewer, and at the same time, evade it from the environment in which it is located and transport it to a world that is as real as it is unreal. A world that, depending on its perception of the moment, will be able to open its mind to other meanings, sometimes absurd.

When Master Brossa teaches us that a ball can be folkloric, that a watch can give us different hours at the same time, or that a key can open another key, one just asks if objects really are what they are.

Be deceived.

Carles Canals Masats