Visual artist of Cantabrian origin, she has a degree in Psychology and Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid.

Through simple remnants of nature selected meticulously in the field and humble objects rescued by chance of some shipwreck, – sometimes crude and unrefined -, reinvents hybrid objects to turn them into another reality, in landscapes of reflection.

Impregnated by the Wabi Sabi philosophy, it advocates the return to simplicity, to a peaceful sobriety where one can recognize and feel the beauty of imperfect, ephemeral and modest forms.

Haikus intimate material, humble of ornament, which seem to dislodge by themselves all remaining elements to keep the essence that the artist wants to treasure. Essence that teaches us to love and value small things, with their defects, to find beauty in the closest, in the unnoticed, in the infra-slight.

Works that, timeless, use the word as another “objet trouvé” and speak to us from experience with deep subtlety.



Eva Iglesias Bilbao