Pedagog. Work in the attention to the infancy in social risk.

His contact with the visual poetry begins the year 2008. Since then it has exposed individually in Barcelona, Saint Cugat, Rubí, Terrace, Olot and Manlleu; and of collective shape to Terrace in the frame of the dinamització of the project “Creative Laboratory”.

It has exposed in Brazil in the first exhibition of visual poetry of Kill Grosso gift Sul and in @Euskadi in the frame of the contest of visual poetry “Juan Carlos Eguillor”.

The visual work that presents is a point of split, than playing with the poetic transformation of objects quotidians, proposes a reflexive look, and sometimes critical, of our quotidià. It treats of a conceptual redesign that can situate to the border between the photography, the design, the symbolism and the action poética.



Àlex Monfort