Cristian Porres (Tortosa, 1965) is a graphic designer, musician and experimental poet who lives in Barcelona.

He started making visual poems in 1986 when he discovered the work of Joan Brossa.

For him, poetry is a game and his intention is to play with the spectator. Find his complicity and emotion. Awaken doubt and curiosity. Create a visual shock between what you see and what your mind really evokes.

Expresses the ideas through the most conventional signs, voluntarily manipulating and decontextualizing their pre-established meaning. Using a type of guerrilla semiotics that aims to explore the underlying emotions in our unconscious.

He has created a new current within visual poetry called LOGOTRIPS in which he manipulates the marks, in an evolution of the situationist “détournement”, to subvert his implicit message in an honest, playful, ironic and critical way.

You can see his work at:


Boek Visual


Cristian Porres